Rendez-Vous Bakery & Bistro’s bread, cakes, pastries, and signature dishes owe their unique look and exceptional flavor to carefully sourced raw ingredients, Pascal Zeimet’s culinary artistry, and a passionate team of people who love cooking, tasting, and talking about food. Chef Pascal and his staff take pride in enriching people’s lives with their exceptional baking, crafting bold combinations of flavors and textures that are at once vibrant and comforting, daring and familiar. Extreme attention to detail is evident in each one of Rendez-Vous Bakery & Bistro’s offerings.




Pascal’s culinary adventure started in his mother’s kitchen in Marville, a small village in the Champagne-Lorraine region of France. At the age of 21, in love with bread and baking and with the help of his family, Pascal bought the small bakery of his hometown, serving local customers at the shop and carrying his bread and pastries to neighboring villages aboard his small truck.
Ready for a more ambitious challenge and eager to introduce his craft to the rest of the world, he moved to Dallas in 1992, to work for a local chain of French restaurants and bakeries. Two years later, the chain had become a local hit and started expanding outside of Texas. Pascal relocated to Washington DC where he opened 8 new locations. Less than a decade later, Pascal was the Head Chef of the DC area market. In 2003, he finally ventured out on his own and opened Rendez-Vous in Aventura, Florida. Noticed by local hotels, restaurants, and caterers, Rendez-Vous quickly took off and in 2005 Pascal decided to expand to a bigger location in Oakland Park, near Fort Lauderdale.

Rendez-Vous brings to the South Florida culinary landscape a traditional concept with a modern twist, showcasing the chefs’ knowledge and expertise. The menu is composed of French-style pastries along with American flavors and local influences.




Our bread are a product of love and time. Our recipes are simple, based on traditional techniques and natural ingredients.
Our bread cannot be compared with mass-produced breads. Good bread does not lie. It says everything about the quality of its ingredients and know-how of its creator. A true baker performs a miracle every day, transforming simple elements -water, yeast, salt and flour-into complex, and varied flavors. We believe we are making some of the most delicious baked goods in South Florida; we invite you to come down and find out for yourselves.



The French baguette is famous all over the world, and Rendez-Vous Bakery & Bistro has its own famous version of this renowned bread. Developed with natural yeast and ancient production techniques, the taste and quality of our breads contribute greatly to Rendez-Vous’ reputation as a quality French bakery.
There’s always something new to experience—gourmet pastries, crepes, traditional French meals stews such as blanquette de veau, boeuf bourguignon, mussels and homemade French fries, quiches, snails in garlic sauce, homemade foie gras on slices of freshly baked brioche and more, as well as fine coffee and wines to top it all off. We are your little piece of Paris in South Florida.
For many snowbirds, Rendez-Vous is their first stop when they return to South Florida and their last on their way home.

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